R. R. Pascoe is an Australian sustainable designer and artist. Largely self taught, she has been creating wearable artworks from found objects and waste materials for close to two decades. Previously working in an exclusively gallery context, she is now branching out, producing limited edition millinery and accessories collections, handmade primarily from locally sourced waste materials including junkmail pamphlets, coffee sacks, and upholstery fabric samples. Her use of reclaimed materials in traditionally luxury, high end products aims to draw attention to the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, and to question ideas of conventional beauty, notions of obsolescence, and explore the commodification of self and identity.

Cutting her teeth in the underground dance party scene of Sydney in the 1990s, she has been shaped by the ethos of DIY culture and the Outsider Art movement. With a background in Community Development Work she sees the role of the arts as integral to the development of healthy individuals and communities and she is a firm believer in a ground-up approach, all of which informs her passion for fashion and the arts as vehicle for powerful and lasting social change.

“We Must Make Do with Scraps” – Michael Leunig